Special offer: Free PDF REPORT on digital transformation challenges with case studies and expert interviews.

This week we have something special for you. When you enter our website ➡️(bpol.net)⬅️, a pop-up window will invite you to download a FREE PDF REPORT focused on the challenges of digital transformation, full of valuable knowledge and inspiration. ALL you should do is to put your email address and you will get 33 pages of case studies and interviews with experts representing various industries and academic experts. Here’s what else you can find in our original publication „FAILURES IN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION”: ✅ various industries, ✅ challenges and threats, ✅ authentic case studies, ✅ interviews with high-ranking managers, ✅ academics’ comments. Everyone wants to brag about their successes, but failures must not be forgotten – it is an integral part of the development process. This publication is a valuable source of knowledge that teaches, sharpens and highlights the challenges that can be encountered in many different industries. {hashtag|#|digitaltransformation} {hashtag|#|failures} {hashtag|#|report} More information : https://www.linkedin.com/company/primotly/






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